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Having suffered from eczema in most of her teenage time, it was a difficult & lonely time. She would spent hundreds of thousands on seeing different dermatologist and alternative therapist, buying a basket of new eczema skincare products every month that claimed to help, but nothing really worked or solved the actual issue.

This is the story of our founder, Kelly.

In the past 15 years, she has lived with severe eczema constantly. From raw and weepy to flaky, dry and itchy…you name it, she had experienced it. Until getting to know Topical Steroid Addiction in 2016, it finally came to the answer to her unsettled eczema.

However eczema did not leave her alone. What came next is both of her baby boy and girl are diagnosed with multiple food allergies and severe eczema. Although despairing, she believes that there must be a cure without pharmaceutical side effects. She used her topical steroid withdrawal experience and nursing knowledge to finally ‘heal’ her children in a natural way.

Like German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” The pain and torment she once suffered contributes to who she is today.

Having healed from eczema and tsw, Kelly realised that every single wound and eczema patches are preventable. Not only has she shared her own eczema story and medical articles of Topical Steroid Addiction online but also established Hong Kong’s first Topical Steroid Addiction educational page and Facebook support group in order to help others.


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