We strive to provide you products of the highest quality by always ensure our ingredients are organic where possible and we promise do not include any toxic ingredients such as artificial fragrance, colourings and parabens etc. In NNTskincare, you can rest assured that you are in good hands even with the most sensitive skin.


Founder Kelly H not only is the bravest eczema and TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) warrior, but also a mom whose children have multiple food allergies. In daily, lifelong should be the more precise word, battle with eczema, she knows better than anyone.

In the past 15 years, she has lived with severe eczema constantly. From weepy, rotten, swollen to flaky, sandy, and itchy…you name it, she experienced it. Until come acrossing Topical Steroid Addiction in 2016, there finally comes to the answer to her unsettled eczema.

However eczema did not leave her alone. What comes next is her beloved baby son and daughter are diagnosed with multiple food allergies and severe eczema. Although despairing, she believes that there must be a cure without pharmaceutical side effects. She uses her TSW experience and nursing knowledge to finally ‘heal’ her children in a natural way.

Like German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” The pain and torment she once suffered contributes to who she is today.

Social media cover on Kelly’s story:

Having healed from eczema and tsw, Kelly realised that every single wound and eczema patches are preventable. She has established Hong Kong’s first Topical Steroid Addiction educational page and Facebook support group and started to publish her story online and share medical articles of Topical Steroid Addiction in order to help others who are still in the hellish situation.  



Eversince Kelly is diagnosed with artificial fragrance allergy, she started to ‘investigate’ the ingredients list on every single product (like a freak). She realised most of the ‘natural’ skincare products on the market are not THAT natural. For her skin and the health of her children, she ditches all of the toxic skincare in her cupboard and slowly, she established her own skincare routine with non toxic emollients. 

At first, she sells what had helped her during TSW to other warriors to lower the risk of irritation. However we all know that there is no such perfect product on the market. Kelly suddenly came up with an idea: why not create my own range according to the first person feeling?

And this is the birth of NNTskincare! She knows how you feel, thus we know what you need.


Having experienced what you are experiencing, Kelly can proudly say that she knows even better than you in how you feel and what should be used to ease the discomfort. With nursing knowledge she had and profound experience, she can absolutely provide you the most sincere and useful opinion in managing eczema. Are you ready to clear up your eczema today?

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